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Thank you, Fairoak - you have helped me build up my trust and confidence, and supported me to move on with my life

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Can we help you with your supported living requirements?

Fairoak Housing Association provides accommodation for people assessed as having learning and other disabilities.

To be eligible for application, you should be diagnosed and / or assessed as having a learning or other disability, and have a need for the accommodation.

We also request assurance that you are able to pay the rent for the accommodation through personal funding and/or benefits and/or other funding.

It is desirable that you have personal contacts (family, relatives or close friends) local to the accommodation applied for, or you are currently residing in the same area.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility, then please talk to one of our team by telephoning 01539 720082 or email

Equality Statement

All applications for accommodation follow the same process.

Fairoak Housing Association do not exclude from consideration any application on the grounds of degree or type of disability; current living situation; age; race; colour; religion; gender; or sexual orientation.