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Our complaints policy.

We try our best to get everything right first time and provide the best service to our customers, our tenants, their families and our other stakeholders.

Unfortunately, there are times when you may feel you need to make a complaint about an aspect of our services. This page outlines our Complaints Policy and the procedures for making a complaint.

Policy Statement:

The purpose of this procedure is to outline the way that the Fairoak Housing Association receives and responds to complaints.



Fairoak Housing Association (or 'the Association') is committed to continuous development and improvement. Complaints received can form part of this process and are therefore seen as a positive contribution to the work of the Association.

All complaints will be investigated in line with this procedure however the Association will always consider if mediation would be appropriate to resolve a complaint without the need to use this formal procedure provided that both parties are happy to use mediation.

Complaints may be received from applicants as well as those existing customers or on behalf of either.

Making a Complaint

A complaint may be made either in writing, in person, or by phone or email contact to:

The Housing Director
Fairoak Housing Association
155 Highgate
Cumbria LA9 4EN

Telephone. 01539 720082
Fax. 01539 729752

Mistreatment of Vulnerable Adults

Any complaint received by the Association that falls into the category of “mistreatment of vulnerable adults” will be actioned in accordance with multi agency procedures agreed with the relevant local authority.


All complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 2 working days. The acknowledgement will give an indication of how long the investigation is likely to take and when a further reply will be sent.

If the investigation has not been concluded within the appropriate time, the complainant will be notified of progress made.

The final response to a complaint will detail the decisions made and the reasons for these decisions.


If the complainant is dissatisfied with the conclusion notified to them or any remedial action which may have been taken, they may appeal in writing within ten days of receipt of the conclusion.

All appeals should be sent to:

The Chairman
Fairoak Housing Association
48 Stramongate
Cumbria LA9 4BD
Telephone. 01539 720082


All complaints will be treated in confidence ensuring that privacy is respected and that the Association is fair and consistent in its approach.

The Independent Housing Ombudsman

Fairoak Housing Association is a member of the Independent Housing Ombudsman Scheme and therefore as a person who has a lease, tenancy or other agreement to occupy premises owned or managed by us you are entitled to take your complaint to the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman will consider complaints about the actions or omissions of a member landlord.

You can contact them by telephone (020 7421 3800), Lo-call (0845 7125 973), Minicom (020 7404 7092), email: or for further information on their website