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I would like to express my thanks for all the hard work... to help empower people with learning disabilities in making positive decisions about their future

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Frequently asked questions.

What is a tenancy agreement?

The tenancy agreement is a legal document which is a contract between you and Fairoak Housing Association. It sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and the rights and responsibilities of Fairoak as your landlord. When you accepted your tenancy agreement you agreed to all the rules set out in that agreement.

Does everyone have the same type of tenancy?

No. Some tenants have assured tenancies and some tenants have assured short hold tenancies depending on which property they live in. The front page of your tenancy agreement will tell you which you have.

What things do I have to pay for?

There are lots of things you will have to pay for including rent, gas and electricity bills, water bills, insurance for your own belongings, telephone and mobile phone bills if you have them. You may also need to pay council tax and for a TV license. There are other things you will need money for including food, clothes and toiletries, activities and holidays.

Can I get help to pay the rent?

Paying the rent is very important. If you do not pay the rent you could lose your home. Some people can get help from the government to pay their rent. This is called Housing Benefit. You have to complete a claim form to get Housing Benefit so you must do this as soon as you decide to move in. Fairoak staff will be happy to help you make a claim for housing benefit.

Can I pass my tenancy on to someone else?

No. Your tenancy is only for the people named on it. You cannot pass it on to someone else.  You cannot let anyone else live at your address without the permission of Fairoak. You must never charge rent to anyone for staying at your house or take in a lodger.

What will Fairoak do if I do not keep to the terms of my tenancy agreement?

If you break the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement or any acceptable behaviour contract or the house rules we will contact you to tell you that you need to resolve this problem. We may ask to meet with you to discuss the problem and we will ask you to resolve the situation within a specific time-frame. If you continue to break the rules of your tenancy we may take legal action against you. This could mean that we get a court order requiring you to stick to the rules of your tenancy or it may mean that we ask you to leave your home.