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housing for people who need a little help

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Our principles and objectives.

Maintaining High Standards

We will listen and respond to our tenants concerns promptly and monitor their satisfaction of the housing management services we provide. When carrying out any work we consider value for money, impact on the environment, quality and meeting the changing needs of our customers.

Understanding and Involving Customers

We will maintain a variety of methods of communication designed to listen and respond to our tenants. This will include social events to encourage tenants to feel comfortable talking to us and promote opportunities for social inclusion. It will also include continuing to facilitate the tenant board (the Fairoak Owls) to enable tenants to give their opinions on the running of the Association and our strategic direction and monitor and react to compliments and complaints.

Financial Security

We will maximise the potential of our existing resources to deliver high standards and innovation in housing and we will continue to seek appropriate funding to meet our development objectives.

We will strive to maintain a continuous review of our loan portfolio; ensure a value for money culture within the Association; improve rent collection and management of vacancies and continue the monitoring of performance against our budgets and cash flow.


We will maintain good governance by ensuring we have the right people with the right skills and the right team culture with clear expectations to enable the Association to meet its objectives.

Strategic Development

We will provide a wide range of affordable housing options to meet the demands and desires of our customers.

We hope to:

continue to make shared ownership a reality for people with disabilities
work with partners to increase the provision of housing management services
develop additional properties as our resources permit
maintain affordability for our tenants
strive to be innovative in our approach to the development of housing