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Thank you, Fairoak - you have helped me build up my trust and confidence, and supported me to move on with my life

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Who we are.

Fairoak Housing Association is an organisation that provides accommodation for people assessed as having learning and other disabilities.

We also advise our tenants on how to obtain the support necessary to live independent and fulfilling lives within their local community. The Association has charitable status (Industrial and Provident Societies Act number 28I73R).

Our belief is that the end customer is central to all that we do. We are open to contact by or on behalf of people with learning disabilities to explore the best way of developing the accommodation of choice.

Within this web site you will find information on the accommodation currently owned or managed by the Association. In many cases these properties have been specifically adapted to meet the living requirements of people who have some physical challenges in addition to their learning disability. Any such adaptations are sympathetic to the living environment whilst at the same time promote the maximum independency for the tenant.

Thank you for taking the time to view this web site. It will be worth visiting every now and again to gain the latest information.

Should you have any suggestions on how we may improve the services we offer, please Contact Us